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Advantages of nuclear

Find out more about the advantages of nuclear power in Ireland:

Nuclear is the cheapest

Nuclear is the cleanest

Nuclear power is the safest electricity

New nuclear power is ideal for Ireland

Supporters of nuclear in Ireland

Many Irish organisations have called for nuclear power to be considered here. (These links to external sites open in a new window).




Irish Academy of Engineering



Political supporters of a debate

Calls for a national nuclear debate have come from (external sites open in a new window):

Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan

Dáil Joint C’tee on Climate Change

Exploded myths about nuclear

These facts may surprise you:

Reactors would fit the Irish grid

There is a solution for nuclear waste

We can afford nuclear power

Nuclear fuel is plentiful

Other information

General items of interest about nuclear:

Types of reactors

History of nuclear power

IRIS - a suitable reactor for Ireland

Nuclear power is illegal in Ireland

Can we not just use Renewables?

Hydrogen - fuel of the future?

Who is BENE?

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The situation at Fukushima, Japan.

It is not easy for some to get accurate and up-to-date information on the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on the 10 nuclear power units at Fukushima. We remain hopeful that the eventual impact of the incident will be primarily economic and not health-related. In the meantime, these websites provide more current updates on the situation than we could and the information is in plain english. International Atomic Energy Association , Brave New Climate simple explanation  and  World Nuclear News . You could also listen to our Frank Turvey on Dublin South FM’s Red Shift show from 16 March, 2011.